Government with a view to promote Ethanol Blending Program (EBP) introduced Bio Fuel Policy 2018 which aims to increase usage of biofuels in the energy and transportation sectors of the country during the coming decade. The Policy aims to utilize, develop and promote domestic feedstock and its utilization for production of biofuels thereby increasingly substitute fossil fuels while contributing to National Energy Security, Climate Change mitigation, apart from creating new employment opportunities in a sustainable way. This shall also support the nation by saving precious foreign exchange.

We at CSIPL immediately grabbed the opportunity as we had the ability of captive feed stock to manufacture Ethanol. This has also ensured sustainability of economic viability of sugar industry in the scenario of over production of sugar.

The 10% blending of Ethanol has been mandated in the policy and the quantities are being procured by Oil Manufacturing Companies (OMCs) through tender process. The company is participating in tenders for the last two years has successfully met its committed quantities manufactured out of feedstock B Heavy molasses, intermediary produce in the manufacture of sugar to contain sugar production in excess production scenario and C Heavy molasses.

The supplies have been to the Public-Sector Oil Manufacturing Companies namely:
Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOC)
Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL)
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)