Adie Broswon expanded its reach in the international market in the very first year of its inception and forayed into exports of bulk alcohol (commonly referred to as “ENA” or Ethyl Alcohol or simply Ethanol in the International market) and Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) leveraging its strong reputation as a quality manufacturer and supplier in the domestic market. Our company has in a very short period build a solid client base in countries including New Zealand, Jordan, Lebanon, West Africa (including Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone) Eritrea, South Sudan, Angola and into East African region (including Kenya, Tanzania Zambia, Uganda).

The factors that made us an ideal export partner in such a short span of time have been enumerated below:

One of the largest distilleries in India producing GNS (Grain Neutral Spirits)

Access to multiple supply sources for grain based and molasses based neutral spirits – Adie Broswon has two grain based and molasses based manufacturing facilities.

Exceptional quality GNS (Grain Neutral Spirit) which have been appreciated and rated as “2nd to none” particularly by our dedicated customers in Jordan Lebanon and Africa.

Logistics support "for ISO tanks, IBCs HM-HDPE drums" to ensure perennial, seamless and timely deliveries.

To know more about our export services and technical specifications of products, please contact our exports division: