Punjab Medium Liquor (PML)

Country Liquor, desi sharab and palm toddy may be categorized as Moonshine alcohol. It is consumed in India from ancient times and is known by different names in different parts of the country and is specific to a state or region only. Similarly, PML is associated to sell only in Punjab and is developed to suit the taste buds of Punjabis.

Country Liquor (PML) is an alcoholic drink made in the Indian subcontinentIt is traditionally prepared from a procedure that has been passed down for centuries by blending neutral potable alcohol with demineralized water, spicy flavors, essences and color for smooth taste. Flavors can range from simple one like Orange, Saunfi, Raspberry etc to downright bold such as masala. These flavors are generally decided as per the popularity in the region and consumption pattern. It is the primary and most popular alcoholic beverage in the villages and for masses. With a significant share in the Punjab market, we at Adie Broswon ensure a blend of tradition with quality.

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