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The companies under our umbrella include:

AB Grain Spirits

ABGS is one of the leading manufacturers of potable and industrial alcohol. We have a strong distribution network and dedicated team of talented people who are passionate about providing the best possible experience from all our products. We have a versatile and state-of-the-art technical center and manufacturing unit having a capacity of 120 KLPD (Kilo liter per day) to provide best quality spirit, which we supply across Africa, the Mediterranean and Indian subcontinents. In India, Seagram (PernodRicard) and USL - Diageo (market leaders in India), Allied Blenders, Bacardi and Government Companies are our valued customers. As one of the leading manufacturers of alcohol, our portfolio includes brands such as Patiala Peg and Master Moments. Our portfolio of products and services includes:

1. Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
2. Rectified Spirit (RS)
3. Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)
4. Punjab Medium Liquor (PML)
5. Biogas
6. Cattle feed
7. Power generation through renewable energy for captive consumption and supply to state grid.

We are one of the first distilleries in India to have surplus exportable power produced from power plant of 5.5 MW (exports 2 MW/Hr power to state utility Company). The power plant is designed at 87kg/cm2 pressure boiler a first of its kind in the country fed with bagasse and rice husk as fuel (renewable energy). We are a high performing business that is sensitive to consumer, community and societal needs. We are proud of being a responsible producer and marketer of beverage alcohol, and we promote responsible consumption as part of a balanced lifestyle. We take seriously our obligation to market our brands responsibly and to help people make informed decisions about drinking, including choosing not to drink.

ABGS continued to drive environmental improvements, and our development agenda focuses on where we source, make and sell because those communities have the biggest influence on our business. We are committed to lead sustainable manufacturing as we focus on becoming water-positive, reducing our carbon footprint and maintaining the highest levels of safety.

We created an effective system to reprocess and treat all effluents created during the process of Alcohol manufacture, which are used to irrigate the plantations. This made us one of the zero-discharge distilleries in India. The unit also generates biogas from wastewater used for steam generation in boiler and is eligible for carbon credits.

AB Grain Transport Division has been entrusted to work by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) to operate private stage carriage services to establish an environmentally, socially and financially sustainable network of public transport of Delhi and some areas of NCR. With a fleet of more than 500 buses, we are the biggest private cluster bus operators. The Company is providing a safer, more efficient, reliable and better quality public transport system for the benefit of commuters and safely ferries nearly 4,50,000 passengers and running 1,00,000 KMs approx. Every day in the city of Delhi under PPP (public-private partnership) model. The Company has its own in house maintenance facilities.

With most efficient utilization of resources and trying to keep the mother earth cleaner, we make use of all wastages to convert it into the most valuable assets, power. We generate about 23MW (during cane season) and 5.5MW from our Spirits unit, we distribute 17MW during cane season and 2 MW around the clock. This power is supplied to state grid under long term PPA. This makes us a self-reliant plant which not only caters its own requirement, but also contribute power to nation.

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Chadha Sugars Industries

CSIPL is the only double refined exportable quality sugar (25 ICUMSA) producing plant in Punjab. It produces sulphur less sugar and also co-generates power from renewal energy (Bagasse) in a state-of-the-Art plant emitting greenhouse gases. The by-product molasses is being used in Molasses Based Distillery (MBD) for production of extra neutral alcohol (ENA) and Ethanol. Ethanol is being used for blending with petrol under the Bio Fuel Policy of the Government. Ethanol is a substitute of crude oil which helps country in saving precious foreign exchange. The other by-product press mud generated during the process of sugar manufacture is recycled by mixing muddy juice in the process of milling and is consumed along with bagasse in boiler as fuel for producing steam.

We are one of the pioneers to adopt this process of mixing muddy juice in the process of milling. Our manufacturing units under umbrella of CSIPLare as under:
1. Sugar plant having capacity of 7500 TCD (tons of cane crushing per day)
2. Power generation plant of 23 MW (renewable energy)
3. Grain Based Distillery having production capacity of 30KLPD (kilo liter per day capacity)
4. Molasses Based Distillery also having production capacity of 30KLPD (kilo liter per day capacity) including an Ethanol Plant

Both the Distilleries, Power and Sugar Plant are in process of further expansion of their capacities.

Our valued customers for sulphurless sugar includes renowned and world’s leading Companies like Nestle, Pepsi, Walmart stores, Metro Cash & Carry stores.

We have the advantage of abundant availability of quality grain in District Gurdaspur (Punjab). The grain is raw material for Grain Based distillery which is ensured of producing premium quality products. Our premium grain based spirit is characterized with smooth and well-rounded texture and a distinct aroma. All premium whiskies world over, including the scotch whiskies, are made from grain based alcohol. We are innovative, constantly searching for new ideas that drive growth, mixed with quality improvement developing them across our business.

Our portfolio of products include:
1. Double refined sulphar less sugar of export quality
2. Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA)
3. Rectified Spirit (RS)
4. Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)
5. Punjab Medium Liquor (PML)
6. Ethanol
7. Biogas
8. Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS)
9. Power generation through renewable energy for captive consumption and surplus for supply to state utility Company under long term power purchase agreement (PPA).

We have excellent research and development facilities. Taking advantage of research and development activates in the Company, our team has worked hard to advice farmers of the region to develop cultivation of sugarcane verities having high sugar content besides high per hectare yield. This has increased the production of sugar cane in our reserved area enabling us to expand the capacity of sugar plant. With constant efforts our team has been able to develop balanced fiber and sugar percentages in the cane varieties to ensure the economical operations of the mill by balancing the fuel and power requirements. We are a responsible and ethical corporate citizen, sustainable growth is one of our important strategic goal.

We continued to drive environmental improvements besides complied on all stipulated environmental aspects. We strive constantly to improve our manufacturing practices to reduce water and energy consumption, minimise wastes and enhance safety standards.

We are proud of our philosophy which drives us to act sensitively with the highest standards of integrity, quality, safety and social responsibility.

We at CSIPL produce 100% Double Refined Sugar from Sugar Cane by using Deification Process. The sugar produced is of about 20 ICUMSA whereas the International requirement is of less than 45 ICUMSA, which speaks of the highest quality standards being maintained by CSIPL.
The Sulphur is not used in the process of sugar manufacture, hence is a Sulphur less sugar. All the international brands in Northern India like Pepsi, Nestle, etc. are our exclusive customers.CSIPL is the only sugar plant not only in Punjab but in the Northern India which produces 100% of its sugar Double Refined and we feel proud for the quality standards being achieved for our produce.
Our Products available in bulk packing of 50Kgs: Dhanlaxmi with grade options of L-31, M-31, S-31.

With most efficient utilization of resources and trying to keep the mother earth cleaner, we make use of all wastages to convert it into the most valuable assets, power. We generate about 23MW (during cane season) and 5.5MW from our Spirits unit, we distribute 17MW during cane season and 2 MW around the clock. This power is supplied to state grid under long term PPA. This makes us a self-reliant plant which not only caters its own requirement, but also contribute power to nation.

Adie Broswon Breweries

ABB is amongst the most advanced state-of-the-art breweries in India and has an annual capacity to produce up to 5 lakh hecto liters per annum(i.e. approx. 60 lakh cases of 650 ml in a year)of international quality standard beer. Cutting-edge German mesh technology from the world leader Ziemann, backed by a bottling speed of 18,000 bottles per hour and a can-line speed of 6,000 cans per hour, allows us to produce world-class beer of consistent quality. The Company has complete packaging bottle and canning line.

Adie Broswon owns, markets and sells various varieties of beers including premiums, regional, local and specialty beers. In the premium beers category, the Company offers brands such as Rockberg Platinum, Rockberg Premium, Rockberg Gold and Bad Monkey which have taken over the market in eight states within two years of operations. In Punjab, we already have acquired a substantial share of more than 15% within a year of operations. We also produce beer for brands like SABMiller’s (AB InBev) Fosters and Haywards 5000 for sale in India and for exports under a specific franchise agreement. SABMiller (AB InBev) is one of the world's largest brewers. We also produce beer for other brands like Medusa and Bohemian. Additionally, the Company is also engaged in the bottling business and has packing lines for packing of 650 ML glass, 330 ML glass, 500ML cane.

We are also working consistently to reduce our carbon footprint through several proactive measures, which include:
Changing our boilers to utilise bio-mass
Migrating to LED lights while exploring solar options
Using turbines for internal power generation

We have a research and development unit benchmarked to international quality standards. Innovation is at the heart of our business philosophy. It drives us to consistently create new products and new experiences for our consumers. We will strive to be the best – we are restless, always learning, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then try hard to exceed them. We deliver results, win where we compete and celebrate our success.

Great Value Fuels

Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) decided to redefine the scope of private sector in public transport and introduced a scheme for Operation of Private Stage Carriage Services in year 2011. In accordance with the said scheme GVF entered into a contract with GNCTD in June, 2013 and is operating a fleet of more than 290 Buses in the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The Company safely ferries nearly 3,00,000 passengers and running 65,000 KMs approx. everyday in the city of Delhi under PPP model. All buses plying in Delhi are environment friendly and use CNG as fuel.

Touching the luxury bus segment GVF entered into agreements with Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Uttarkhand Government. The Company is plying more than 20 Volvo Buses in UP and more than 25 Volvo Buses in Uttrakhand. The Company has its own in house integrated maintenance facilities for all the buses.

We are committed to staff training and development. Training is an integral part of our business and we are providing excellent training to drivers, technicians and other staff members. We are consistently delivering a reliable, safe, pleasant and enjoyable travel experience to all our guests.We are providing integrated Bus passenger transportation solution which is most safe, efficient, affordable, customer focused and environmentally sustainable.

Adie Broswon Group is the biggest Private City Fleet Operator in Delhi.

Adie Broswon Group companies have Tata Authorized Service Centre and Ashok Leyland Service Centre authorization from these two manufacturers to run workshop in Delhi on the parameters and standards of Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland. Thus, efficiently operating fives workshops for 797 buses to carry out maintenance services since last 6 years.

Apart from above one of the group company also run maintenance facility of high end buses of Volvo in UP as per the standards laid down by the Volvo. Thus, making AB Group the Biggest Private City Fleet Operator in India.